How to realise co-creation with the professional field?

Based on vision and policy

Need for framework structure

An explicit framework facilitates co-creation with the professional field.

Investing in presentation

Higher education establishments can compile a “portfolio” to make themselves visible to potential partners in co-creation projects. The information shared opens up opportunities for gaining recognition as a valuable partner. The pursuit of unique expertise enables them to demonstrate their own added value.

Integrating professional practice and curriculum

Reflection on the professional practice as an element of the curriculum, within a network of support from the professional field and the teaching staff.

Based on pragmatics

Managing continuity of creative disruption

Continuously looking for a process to manage the “living” co-creativity. Someone needs to survey successive co-creation processes. Enthusiasm can be preserved by determining, time and again, what exactly makes the process unique, and by subsequently focusing on keeping it fresh. Continue to re-invent co-creativity.

Communication is key

Aim for maximum simplicity in your communications, use visualisations of the project steps and of the plan, and try to include a marketing element.

Reducing the administrative burden

Use standard project management templates to identify common goals, and in evaluation processes.

Success factors