What is co-creation with the professional field? 

What aspects need to be taken into account when conceptualising co-creation with the professional field?


When co-creating, always take the users as your point of departure: does the product/process meet their needs? Check this at a sufficiently early stage. Ensure that all the relevant stakeholders feel involved, even if they are not a party to the co-creation process. Adopt a bottom-up approach when making improvements.

Both individuality and communality

Co-creation respects the individuality of the partners while concurrently pursuing communality. Co-creation acknowledges the different interests (learning pathways) and ensures their integration into a collective, common goal.

Creative and liberal process

Encouraging creativity through a good selection of assignments and appropriate expectation management. The result is more than a product, which involves refraining from excessive structuring and allowing liberty of thought.

Evaluate the co-creation process

Schedule evaluations from the very start of the co-creation process. Take the common goals as your point of departure.